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Problem with Gauges on 2015 SunDeck 187

Hi all, new boat owner here. I bought the SD 187 a few weeks ago, and the seller told me the gauges and switches work intermittently, which he thought was a problem with a ground. I poked around behind the panel a bit, wiggling different wires until I found one that made a "click" when I moved it a certain way. I wrapped that wire bundle with a bit of tape and all gauges and switches are back. However, the fuel gauge and the trim gauge are not reading correctly. The needle on the trim gauge is about 1/3 up when the outboard is all the way down, and stops at its max when the motor can still move up a fair amount. The fuel gauge - which I'm most concerned about - is reading about 1/4 tank, but the seller topped it off when I got it and I haven't used it much since then. Any advice is greatly appreciated.  


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    Connections can work loose or get corroded if partially exposed to the elements as the interiors of helm stations can get humid.  You may have gotten lucky in finding a loose connection to a deutch multipin connector.

    The trim gauge gets it's signal from the motor/drive sensor, so that sensor needs to get checked to see if it needs to get replaced.

    Regarding checking your fuel gauge, you may have a bad fuel level sending unit.  Here's a really good video on explaining a boat's fuel system:

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