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2003 FD 211 OB tachometer

Our 2003 FD 211 OB tachometer stopped working.   Does it have a fuse?  Or any suggestions on troubleshooting?     Also looking for part number is case we have to replace it.   We purchased this used, so don't have all the documentation. Thanks!


  • mje6896
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    Photo of our boat dash panel is below.  

  • mje6896
    mje6896 Member Posts: 4
    This is the part number:

  • cjjjdeck
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    The tachometer gets signal from your engine and is part of the outboard pre-wire assembly.  This is supplied by the manufacturer and comes with the outboard.  You need to determine if the tachometer is getting signal from the engine to decide if the tachometer needs to be replaced.  I suggest you get an manual for your outboard system.

    Regarding your tachometer, most Hurricanes came with Faria Beede gauge sets.  Here is a link to their website:

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  • HydroCanis
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    My 2003 SD217 gauges look like those (in a different arrangement). Are those Faria? No name on the face. My tach seems dead and proper signals are present on the terminals so I though I might just order a Faria and swap the case (and needle probably) as that style seems long out of production.
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  • MacAttack
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    Same issue with my ‘03 GS211, looks to be exactly the same Faria tach. Bought one from Great Lakes Skipper, works like a champ.  Simple to replace.  Seem to recall it was about $100