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Master switch drains battery

tshreve Member Posts: 1
I have a 2020 SS201 Hurricane deck boat purchase brand new last year.  I had the dealer winterize it in October 2020.  When I went to start the engine this spring,  I noticed the master switch was on and the battery was dead.  Cable's were conn3ected to the terminals on the battery.  Does leaving the master switch on drain the battery over the winter?  It's a brand new battery, and my thoughts are that should not happen.


  • formerlyFlyingV5
    formerlyFlyingV5 Member Posts: 23
    Main power switch turns on two relays, one for each side of the dash. Relays feed power to switches, but relay coils draw some power. Not a big draw, but over a few days it will drain the battery.
  • Oneida218RE
    Oneida218RE Member Posts: 3
    In Central NY my marina removes all the batteries from the boats, stores them in a warm room, and charges them every month.  I neglected to turn off the master power a couple of times and both times drained the battery.