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2008 Fundeck 200 GS I/O

tommyg Confirm Email, Member Posts: 1
Hi all,
Bought boat from previous owner.  The bilge pump works, but not the auto switch functionality.  When I started to troubleshoot, I see the wires from the pump and the switch eventually end up in a 3 wire harness.  Black, Brown and Brown/White.

One of the pins on the plug has broken off.  Am I right in assuming this may be the wire that triggers the float switch?  I think it is the brown/white wire that is not making connection.  I spliced it to the other side of the plug, but the float switch still didnt work.

Guess I would like some wiring diagram or some information on where those 3 wires are headed?  I am guessing the brown/black are going to switch, because my on/off switch still works.  Where is that brown/white wire going???