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FD188 Mercruiser 4.3 Fuel Type Recommendations

Hi All,
Newer to boating.  Just purchased first boat (2002 FD GS188 I/O).  Dealer brought it with gas tank full.  I've been researching what fuel to use.  Is regular 87 or 93 from your local Speedway or BP okay?  I see a lot of boating sites say not to use anything higher than E10.  Any input is good input!  Thanks.


  • Aussieman
    Aussieman Member Posts: 9
    avoid ethanol fuel that is unless you burn a lot of fuel and intend to burn what you put in on any given trip ethanol fuel suck's the humidity and moisture from the air which in turn result's in water in your fuel and also rumor has it that ethanol fuel has a colder temperature than standard Non ethanol fuel and again that causes a lot of condensation in the fuel tank especially when you have extremely hot day's and cooler night's which result's in more water in your fuel and tank so avoid ethanol fuel all together if you can or burn it when you buy it sta-bil work's well I hear they claim to guarantee it to work and keep fuel fresh for up to 2 year's ??? who know I guess the only way to know for sure is to test it on a 1/2 gallon of gas add it in and let it set for a year if it doesn't separate or turn mostly to water then you and I will both know wether is actually work's or not I myself just avoid ethanol fuel and I still add some sta-bil just to be on the safe side and I don't have to worry about it either way I'm good one way or another... 
  • HellasHurricane
    HellasHurricane Member Posts: 7
    Thanks for the info.  I have been reading that anything 10% or less ethanol is fine.  So, is that what most gas stations (i.e. Speedway) provide?  I'm assuming so as non ethanol gas is not the easiest to track down.