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Wiring diagram for 2011 187 sundeck

My bilge pump is not working this spring after working at the end of the year last year. I'd like to look at the wiring diagram before I pull it out because I suspect there is something else wrong. I get 12 V on the brown wire only when the pump switch is on and master power is on and I think it should be all the time.


  • SteveA
    SteveA Member Posts: 2
    I figured this out. There is a brown wire that comes from the bilge pump switch on the dash, as well as a brown/red wire that is connected directly to the battery through a 5 amp fuse. The fuse was blown and when replaced the pump still didn't work. I took the pump out and found that it was seized up with fishing line wrapped around it. Not sure how that got in the bilge but removed the line and it works fine now. I'd still like a wiring diagram if anybody has one.