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Table and pole

Buxton Member Posts: 4
I purchased a 2006 202 GS and it is missing the table and pole.  Any recommendations for a replacement that fits the factory base?  


  • Aussieman
    Aussieman Member Posts: 9
    many online retailer's  sell replacement table's both small round and long  both with molded cup holders they come in white and ivory color one appears to be white and the other they call ivory appear's to be a light tan in color I have read reviews both good and bad some saying they fit well other's say there loose and wobbly so I advise you buy from a retailer that accepts free returns like walmart and Amazon with walmart most item's can be returned to your local store for a refund so I advise you go that route just in casein's not a good snug fit or the color doesn't turn out to be right