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Hurricane logoed bimini boot

mks Member Posts: 46
Just joined the forum last night. Great stuff. I saw an old post that has timed out. Is a bimini top boot with the Hurricane logo on it available? Thanks


  • mks
    mks Member Posts: 46
    It seems as though the Hurricane logo bimini boot is hard to come by. Has anyone replaced the boot . Looking for a 2007 217SD . Thanks
  • Aussieman
    Aussieman Member Posts: 9
    I agree with MKS on his post about the Hurricane Logo Bimini Boot's there not only hard to come by there virtually Impossible to find unless you happen to luck upon one on a boat thats newly been sent to it's final resting place (I.E.) the Boat Grave yard because normally the bimini top and boot's are one of the first item's to be salvaged along with the Captain's Helm chair's and the older Gate door's then there's the pedestal fishing seat's that come in the Tan / Burgundy color scheme along with the same colored couch seats as it's plain and clear that the tan / burgundy color scheme has been eliminated as a current color choice even the Seat Manufacture no longer produces the Tan / Bur color scheme if your lucky enough to find anything in the burgundy color it's automatically the Grey / and Burgundy cloor scheme and honestly those are few and far between  and FYI many part's for the older boat's that are year specific before the 2003 year date are virtually impossible to find  I have yet been able to find a online seller that has any year specific part's for sale a lot of folk's say the part's are unavailable and are no longer produced that I find to be strange and almost hard to believe because that Category alone would be a money making category for the simple fact that there are a lot of older boat's out there that need part's year specific part's for the simple fact that although Hurricane boat's are pretty good quality boats there part's break and need to be replaced but anyway the part's are very very very hard to find if at all I have even had trouble getting any age specific part's from dealer's which made me believe this to be true about the part's no longer being produced  because the dealer's claim there unable to obtain them. but then again I hear that the dealer's have to purchase said part's in bulk (I.E.) 6 or more at a time and because those part's don't have a good profit margin in them the dealer's just flat out refuse to carry them in there inventory and take up inventory space of item's that sell faster and have a larger profit margin in them  so I don't know what to believe ????  Aussieman / (Dazed and confused) in S.C.