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Wiring to Trim Gauge on Main Panel

TimKLL Member Posts: 49 ✭✭
Trim gauge suddenly stopped working.  Yes, I know, "turn around and look at it". Not looking for convincing that I really don't need to fix it. Kinda falls under the category of "If it is supposed to work, I'd like it to work", & will make a reasonable attempt to fix it.

2015 Sundeck 2200 DC OB with 200hp Yamaha F200XB.  Gauge worked fine until last trip.  LOTS of searching & tinkering.  It is NOT the Trim Cam back by the motor, which is the new metal style (vs. old plastic one), the metal cam/finger is intact.  It is NOT the Trim Sender itself, this is confirmed with appropriate resistance readings described in several articles AND through outright replacement (plugged in, not installed).

When I pulled the panel with the gauge (the ignition switch panel), to try some of the tests found online on the gauge itself, I found a brown/white stripe wire completely loose & not connected to anything.  Many online sources say that color wire is the Trim Sender Wire.

Yes, I have pulled the panel before and done some work in there.  I installed a new Fusion stereo remote control head.

The wire bundle & plug on the left, inside the steering wheel circle, goes to the gauge. It has (from other sources): black=ground, blue=lighting, purple=12v power to gauge (with intact inline fuse), & brown/white stripe=sender wire.

The spaghetti bundle loop around/under my hand comes from the main wire bundle, under my hand, and to a small wire bundle offshoot from the main ignition switch.  It has the black=ground, purple to yellow, grey to green, and a capped red wire.  The brown/white stripe wire is part of this, but is not connected to anything.  It seems pretty unlikely that the wire would be left like that, bare & uncapped.  Since the brown/white stripe wire has been identified as part of the signal sender for the trim gauge I think it is hard to not come to the conclusion that this is why the gauge isn't working (right?). I am baffled though, and can't find any place that it might have come disconnected from.  FWIW, the 4-pin plug that goes into the back of the gauge doesn't appear to be getting any power - multimeter black probe on black pin/wire, no reading with red probe on ANY of the other three (including with the Main Power AND Nav Lights switch on.  I've looked at all the other gauges, the circuit-breaker panel, and the switch panel for any possible disconnected lugs, spades, etc.  I've searched about every square centimeter of the space behind the panel itself.

Any suggestions?  I'd be very grateful if someone with a similar set up would pop the 4 screws on this panel 

and see if they can tell me where the brown/white stripe wire goes and what it is connected to.

2015 Hurricane Sundeck 2200 DC OB, Yamaha F200