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Wood decking under port sink and gunwale (2010 Sundeck 232)

JA_AK Member Posts: 2
Hi, I’m hoping one of the gurus here can help me!

When I took the boat out today, I noticed that the decking below the sink and port side gunwale had separated from its vertical support.  First, I didn’t realize there was wood there, so bad on me. However, it has separated, the port outboard side has dropped a couple of inches, and I can see some cracking in the wood. I have the batteries for the trolling motor mounted there, so there is a good bit of weight on it. 

My question is what is the best way to fix it?  I could try to get in there and force it bs k into place and glue it, but that seems to be at best a temporary solution, made worse by the presence of the batteries. How can I actually get into that space to repair the decking correctly?  I’m afraid I’m going to have to remove the seating along the port side, which I have no idea where to start for that!