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2486 accessories and ideas

MadMadHoosier Member Posts: 14
edited July 2021 in General Discussions
Yesterday, opening bay scallop season at Crystal River, was our first big use of the new boat. We loved it!  Great ride and seating for the seven of us out to the Gulf of Mexico. Plenty of storage for our snorkel gear and lunch items.
Just two wishes to make it better:
1. The one small cooler that goes under the helm is not nearly enough. We ended up putting two larger coolers in the (massive) center floor ski storage, but they were a little awkward to get in and out of.  Any suggestions or other cooler ideas?
2. We were looking for a spot to stand our dive flag pole and we’re surprised there is not a single rod holder on the boat!  I know this is not a fishing boat, but there is a live well in the bow, so what would the harm be to offer a few rod holders?  I have a couple rod holders that will clamp onto the railing, but do not like their looks,  or how the spiders nest in their nooks and crannies. Anyone had any luck installing nice ones (like on the 231 center console) in the fiberglass?
Edited to add:
  Has anyone added a Bimini top extension?  It looks like there is a zipper that would work perfectly to add a front extension. Us blonde and redheads would appreciate a little more shade B)