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Vinyl upholstery care. Approved cleaners to keep warranty intact

NJHurricane192 Member Posts: 11

My 2021 SS192 came with literature indicating the upholstery vinyl is manufactured by Spradling and that only approved cleaners can be used or warranty is void.  I can’t find which Spradling vinyl fabric is used (i.e. Permablock, Permaguard, Sureguard, etc).  On Spradling’s website each vinyl fabric type has its own instructions and list of approved cleaners.

Does anyone know the vinyl fabric type or where I can get that info?




  • ChiknNutz
    ChiknNutz Member Posts: 45
    This is timely info as I am about to become a Hurricane owner.  Interesting info.  I read the generic owner's manual and it specifically says NOT to use Formula 409 or Armor-All, yet Formula 409 is listed as an approved cleaner in the Spradling documents.  Armor-All is not listed in any of the Spradling docs so take that to mean it really should be not used as indicated in the owner's manual.

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  • mks
    mks Member Posts: 47
    Good info. Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the boat.
  • NJHurricane192
    NJHurricane192 Member Posts: 11
    I was informed by Hurricane that not all their boats use the same vinyl but that my 2021 SS192 is made with Spradling Permablok.

    FYI: The generic owners manual references GX48 vinyl fabric, which was made by now defunct company  (G&T).