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Auto bilge?

heatherboatlife Member Posts: 2
We just bought a 2021 Hurricane 185 SS. We noticed that the bilge inst coming on automatically. We have to manually flip the switch to get it to work, the bilge manual says it should be automatic and have a 3-way switch on the panel on-auto-off but we only have a 2-way switch, on-off...anyone else have this issue?


  • ChiknNutz
    ChiknNutz Member Posts: 45
    I recently researched this a bit on my own boat.  My bilge switch is a single on/off as well.  However, the pump itself is supposed to have an auto function aside from the switch.  I have the manual for the pump and it shows how it's supposed to work and be wired.  To test the automatic operation there are two "dots" on the switch housing and the manual says to put a finger on each of those for a few seconds and it should turn on.  Mine does in fact turn on.  It also turns on at the switch.  The bilge pump is a "Johnson UltimaSwitch Combo Pump".  I have a 5A fuse right off the battery.  Ensure you have a battery turned on and the master switch ON.
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