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2014 Sundeck Sport SS188 OB schematic please

Hi I noticed that my live well pump comes on even with the master switch in the off position and realized that it turns on when there is water in the bilge while of course the bilge pump does not turn on automatically. I know that both pumps were replaced about a year ago before my ownership so I suspect a wiring mistake. I can see the wires of both pumps have been spliced but the float switch wires are intact as factory. Initially I though that the marina that replaced the pumps switched the pumps wiring but the console switches do turn on the correct pump so they cannot be switched. I’m thinking perhaps the float switch is connected to the wrong pump but again since the wiring of the float switch are intact then perhaps they are wrongly connected behind the switch panel. I have yet to verify this but figured it would help to have the wiring diagram before I dive in. Could you kindly post the schematic and of course any advise would be appreciated. 2014 Sundeck Sport SS188 OB.
 Thank you!


  • max
    max Member Posts: 2
    So I figured out the issue: the marina that replaced both the live well and bilge pumps not only wired then to the wrong plug but also somehow managed to swap the wires that go the the respective switches at the helm. I know that the tax was also replaced some time ago so they were definitely under there. Or maybe they took the switches out to troubleshoot the pumps but needless to say the wires were swapped at the pumps and at the switches. In fact the bilge pump was wired to the 2-pin plug and the live well pump was wired to the 3-pin plug which also has the float switch. The 2-pin and 3-pin plugs I am referring to are the water proof connectors that lead to the pumps that come from the harness that leads to them in the stern compartment. For the moment I haven’t cleaned up the wiring because I would like to confirm all of this with the schematic. If you could please share the wiring diagram for this boat I would really appreciate it.

     Thank you.