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Classic fundeck restoration

Hey guys.  Just picked up a 1984 center console fundeck and she's UGLY but awesome! - hopefully not for long though lol.  New furniture, console, and carpet on order and planning to replace the decking before new furniture and carpet.

Any tips and tricks would be great - I am handy but know just enough to be dangerous!!  About to swap motors and throw a 1997 115 merc mariner outboard on her as well (swapping all controls with it).  Nope never done any of this - but hands on is the best way to learn :-)


  • Bigbobber
    Bigbobber Member Posts: 1
    Hello Carman - I have rebuilt a few Deck Boats and currently have a 196 OB FunDeck to do.
    These fiberglass boats are heavy and a 115 may be a bit light.  I use nothing less then a 150 2 stroke motor or at least a 200 4 stroke.
    Have you started your restoration yet?  
    Would you or did you move the console over to the starboard side?  
    Good Luck 
  • carman
    carman Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2022
    Life got crazy and I got the 115 on her just before fall.  She does great.  32MPH top speed is more than enough for me - but she drops to two cylinders trolling which is great and makes her almost as quiet as a 4 stroke.

    Now the fun.  Deck was indeed rotten in a few spots. I have started cutting out the deck to replace but found out there are not a lot of support beams like I was thinking.  One about 56" from the front, and one about 49" from the back.  But nothing right at the front, and no frame at the sides.  The deck was glassed right to the gunwales underneath, and then the bottom put on after.

    I am not quite sure how to mount the deck now - not what I was expecting lol.

    I will try to share a few pictures as I go.  Just started cutting out the front
  • mks
    mks Member Posts: 43
    Good luck. Hope you have fun in the process.