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Hull cleaning

Does anyone know of a product that will clean the hull of light staining from brackish water without having adverse effects on anti fouling paint? I didn't get a really honest answer from a major mfg of the ill of their product. I see streaks in the bottom paint after cleaning the hull. Thanks.


  • RobertHan
    RobertHan Member Posts: 28
    I have tried many cleaners and finally found this MaryKate cleaner after recommendation from a friend. Spray or scrub on with a brush, let sit 1 minute and wash off with a hose, it is really that easy. Some small areas required a second application, but then this boat had been in salt water for over 5 years without a haul-out. I used about 1/3 the contents of the quart bottle for the entire over-the-waterline hull of my boat.
  • mks
    mks Member Posts: 42