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2014 Hurricane 202 with Evinrude 150hp

The boat runs great for awhile then it will act like the lost fuel intake and stop.  We can pump the fuel bulb a few times and wait 2-3 minutes and it will start back up and can run at lower speed, but when you throttle it up it will run a bit then do same again.  We have changed fuel/water filter, put stabilizer in fuel, used chemical to remove water in fuel if any exists.  We were wondering if could be fuel tank screen plugging up or the fuel line to engine.  We have it at a boat mechanic shop but he can't figure out how to get to the fuel tank!!!  Can anyone help me with this problem???

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  • Buxton
    Buxton Member Posts: 4
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    To determine if it is a tank issue or engine issue you could use a portable gas tank.  If it runs fine on that then you have a blockage or an air leak in the boats tank or line to the engine.


    DMBALD Member Posts: 3
    We hooked up a portable gas tank and it did same as onboard tank.  Any other help with diagnosing this?  It acts like it runs out of fuel or has a plug but if it is in the engine where would be the next place to check?
  • Buxton
    Buxton Member Posts: 4
    The good news is that it isn't the boat tank or plumbing to the engine so you have eliminated the supply side.  It is likely an engine issue with with a fuel supply problem.  If it is a carbureted engine it could be the float.