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SD 211 need front hatch year 2011

Like many others my front deck hatch failed. Any advise in finding a replacement? Also known as the ski locker hatch


  • CoastalBoater48
    CoastalBoater48 Member Posts: 3
    Same here.  Need new floor/ski hatch.  HELP.

  • yoderosa
    yoderosa Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2011 Sundeck Sport 188 and the first thing I noticed when inspecting it to buy it was the hatch to the ski locker was "spongy".  On further inspection it was cracked on the inside layer of fiberglass all the way across (the top layer was intact).  I looked for a replacement hatch and couldn't find one. This one is riveted on which would make replacement challenging.  I am planning on putting angle iron braces on the underside bolted to the hatch.  Will follow up on how it works.