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2011 Sundeck Sport 200 - all console switches don't work Horn, Auto Bilge, Fuel etc... work

The accessory panel on my Sundeck went out and the depth finder, stereo, wash down etc.... won't come on.  I've checked every fuse i can find including the auto reset one (Sea Dog style could not see reset button)  by the battery. I actually hard wired around it just test as i didn't have a meter with me.  If the Bilge switch is set to manual and you put enough water in the boat to kick in the float on the bilge the panel comes to life. I assume that is back-feeding the panel thru the bilge rocker switch then. As soon as the bilge goes off auto the panel dies again. i suspect the relays but, don't know where to get a replacement one or how to test. A wiring diagram and any suggestions would be VERY appreciated.      Thank You 


  • R2Florida
    R2Florida Member Posts: 7
    Wanted to add to question .....   Horn, Tilt , etc... do work properly   The stereo, fishfinder, manual bilge on the accessory panel do not work.  A wiring diagram would be great and where to you buy the relays   Attached is a picture of one of the two that are currently by the circuit breaker panel