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Shoot Thru Transducer on 2007 Dun Deck 217 OB

scuppari Member Posts: 2
I just purchased a '07 SD 217 that has a PiranhaMax FF with a burnt out screen.  It appears it has a shoot-thru-transducer.  How do I gain access to this area so I can swap transducers that work on a newer model Humminbird (788 ci HD DI model)?  The only spot i've found to access is the round access plate next to the battery compartment.  it's too small of a hole to get thru and the existing transducer is just out of reach.


  • Ernest_T
    Ernest_T Member, Moderator Posts: 269 ✭✭✭
    The only access I know of is through the battery hatch. I've got a skinny son that managed to get in there one time to remove a piece of left over fiberglass tape that had gotten stuck in the bilge pump. Basically you need to find a skinny midget mechanic. Good luck! If you find a better way, let me know!
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