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Covid delays in Boat Delivery

I signed a contract for a 2690 in late October 2020, with a "Water Delivery Spring 2021".  When spring came, the dealer told me that it would be ready in July. When July came, the dealer told me delivery would be in August. When August came, dealer said that October is one of the best times to boat in Michigan.  I am sure that all of this is due to Covid, but has anyone else experienced these kind of delays?  Beginning to think the boat was sold out from underneath me.  


  • ChiknNutzChiknNutz USAMember Posts: 32
    edited September 8
    A friend of mine ordered a new boat, not a Hurricane, around June 2020, his was supposed to be delivered the first of September 2021.  That has now been delayed a couple of months he said.  So your plight sounds common.
    2018 FD226F w/150 Yamaha & 2021 MagicTilt TCA2460W trailer
  • dyzedyze USAMember Posts: 8
    Thanks for sharing, not that misery loves company but it is good to know I'm not alone. 
  • dyzedyze USAMember Posts: 8
    Our boat arrived!  Funny, its not the exterior color scheme we ordered, and the seats on the interior and floor mat design are different than we selected. But we like it!. Maybe a shift to the 2022 color scheme?  Now to just wait 6 months to drop it in the water!
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