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CC21 model year changes

I’m hunting for a fuller cover for a 2018 CC21. There’s plenty out there for 2016 models, the intro year. Is there any difference between a 2016 vs 2018, including the OEM grab bar, ski bar, and bimini?


  • thurricanethurricane USAAdministrator Posts: 212 admin
    From my search it appears that they changed suppliers and they are different from 2016 to 2018.  I believe that you can still order this cover from a Hurricane dealer.
  • tntonguetntongue USAMember Posts: 5
    My OEM snap on cover is fine. I’m wanting an after market cover that covers ALL of the boat. When inputting manufacturer/boat/year at places like Boatcoversdirect they only have a 2016 template. Looks the same but is it…..
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