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2018 Sundeck 187 OB Paint/Graphics suggestions

sdhurricane Member Posts: 8
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New boater and Hurricane owner.  I recently picked up a 2018 Sundeck 187 OB and as you can see the graphics (and bottom paint) really need some attention.  Many of the gouges and scrapes aren't that bad so my first thought was to just remove the graphics.  However, I noticed that the back end of the hull around the transom is painted black which appears to be on purpose in order to blend in with the graphics.  Also, I can't specifically determine where the paint stops, and what it looks like underneath.  I'm not keen on the graphics to be honest but I think my options are to completely replace the graphics or repaint the rear 1/3 of the hull to match the rest of the boat (white).  I suppose I could have the forward portion of the hull painted painted black but this is probably significantly more cost.  Plus, I understand painting a hull black is not recommended due to fading, and other reasons.  Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!


  • Mgtyquin
    Mgtyquin Member Posts: 4
    Hello I have the same boat and problem if you find out any info let me know. Thanks
  • sdhurricane
    sdhurricane Member Posts: 8
    I ended up removing all of the graphics/adhesive and cleaning it up really well.  Plus I had it detailed afterward which helped.  I'm going to leave it be since it does not look that bad.  I have bottom paint which is also black so the black hull color blends in nicely.  For folks that do not have bottom paint I am unsure if the black extends to the bottom.  This is where the water line is so you probably couldn't see while it is in the water.
  • mks
    mks Member Posts: 46
    I removed the graphics from my 2007 217 SD O/B. As I keep the boat in the water I had it bottom painted black. I think the boat looks much nicer.