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Top Speed for a 2003, 20' deck boat with 150 HP 2 stroke, carbed Evinrude OB

Had a buddy pick up a 2003 Hurricane deck boat with a 150 HP Evinrude outboard.  He took it out for the first time yesterday and topped out at 33 MPH.  That seems low to me for that boat and motor.  Hoping someone on here has a similar setup and can comment as to what kind of speed they get.



  • ChiknNutzChiknNutz USAMember Posts: 31
    Mine will go 40 MPH pretty routinely with moderate personnel and gear.  I've yet to hit over that even properly trimmed.  Could be he has the wrong prop if top speed is the goal.
    2018 FD226F w/150 Yamaha & 2021 MagicTilt TCA2460W trailer
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