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Can anyone help with a wiring diagram for a 2004 GS188 Fun Deck?

Hello...newbie here...can anyone provide or point me to where I can get a wiring diagram for a 2004 GS188 Fun Deck? Any help would be appreciated!


  • JoeMas
    JoeMas Member Posts: 2
    Hi #thurricane - thanks for the response! Unfortunately these don't appear to be for my particular boat; mine is a GS188. They DID help me with understanding some things about the wiring that I didn't, but I'm still in need of the diagrams that go with my boat. Mine has 11 rockers overall (which includes the master cut-off rocker to the panel itself, as well as one for the horn). I'm not even sure mine has the original panel on it (because it has a rocker for Fresh Water, which this boat doesn't have), but I have to believe that if I can get my hands on the correct diagrams I will be able to figure everything out based on the colors of the wires.