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Where's My Boat?

DeanG Member Posts: 1
I ordered a Hurricane 2400SD OB and paid a $5,000 deposit back in August.  The dealer, Holiday Marine in Leesburg, FL told me that I'd have my boat for Christmas.  It's getting close to Christmas, so I called them yesterday and now they are telling "Maybe you'll have it by Easter"  What?!?!?!?!?
Now, I'm wondering why do I even want a Hurricane Boat?  Maybe there's a different company that can actually get me a boat within 4-5 months??
I'm technically not even an owner yet and I've got bad feelings about Hurricane.
Any advice on what I should do next???
My family was really hoping to have this boat for Christmas before my son leaves for the Air Force...


  • jbitner
    jbitner Confirm Email, Member Posts: 1
    I am new to the forum and an Air Force tell your son thanks for raising his hand.  I was struggling with finding a boat as well but got lucky and found a new SD2690 with the Yamaha 425 up in Pennsylvania...I'm in **** Gorda Florida.  It seems that there are some boats sprinkled around the country that can be found.  By the way, I saved over $30k by going to PA.  I got the boat, sales tax, and trailer for $25k less than they wanted for the boat alone down here and those boats didn't have the arch, which I a really like.  Best of luck...hope you have your boat if and when you read this.