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Need Wiring Diagram for: 1998 Fun Deck 232 w/ Yamaha 150 Outboard

Hey Guys, new to the forums however I feel like I'm gonna be here a lot as I've just bought a great 98 FunDeck 232 with a Yamaha 2-Stroke S150TXRW Saltwater Series II.  I'm doing a full overhaul, everything. Stripped her down and am needing a wiring diagram / schematics for the boat and helm if anyone has one.  Came with limited documentation and I searched high and low on the forum and interwebs before asking.  Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks and looking forward to being part of this group.
1998 Hurricane Fun Deck 232 - S150TXRW Yamaha 150 2 Stoke Outboard
Sea Star HC5345 Steering - Dual Battery - Front Livewell

Currently Restoring boat to brand new, paint, upholstery, stereo, gauges, all hatches, biminis, motor overhaul, steering overhaul, lighting, livewells, etc.  All in baby! 

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida


  • tp98232
    tp98232 Member Posts: 3
    That would be great information if you get it please share it, sorting through radio and speaker wires first to get some tunes. How about paint colors too for some touch up? 
  • tp98232
    tp98232 Member Posts: 3
    Spoke to a hurricane dealer parts manager, he said in many words, were shot out a luck. Parts dont exist and we gotta make it up as we go. I got a large plug under the tackle box in the front access point I'm gonna pull my leads from and wire up a new connector box and breakers and start over. Its easier to re run new stuff all the old connectors are corroded and I really only need a few lights the new suzuki comes with a complete digital gauge so all the old crap is obsolete now, anyway. If I see anything I'll keep you posted it looks pretty simple to just RIP it all out and star over there's really not that much there 4 light  circuits, bilge pump, and hopefully the live well. And of course the tunes. And some 12 v outlet ports with USB chargers. This is a great boat just hope it floats when it's all done, really would like to find the tubing layout for the deck drian and the live well system????? Any clues on how tha works. Thanks have fun and dont get caught.
  • mtk_rob
    mtk_rob Confirm Email, Member Posts: 32
    If you get it, please let me know.  I replaced everything on my 2005 232, rewired it the way I got it and some things that didn't work still don't.