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New boat builds

kevy191 Member Posts: 1
I was just wondering if anyone has information that could help. I ordered my boat on April 2nd 2021 and was told August, then September, then October, then November........ Now I have zero updates and no idea about delivery. Im being told furniture is holding up my final be done for delivery. Is there anyway I can find out more or anyone more I can reach out to? I have contacted hurricane directly but I feel at this point the representative I been talking to is just blowing me off now. Im kinda disappointed on how something so small can hold up not just me but im sure others on a boat delivery.  


  • sullmate
    sullmate Member Posts: 108 ✭✭
    Sorry to hear of your plight. Not much you can do. Just wait. Customer service will just give you the runaround. I have dealt with Hurricane customer service as wel,l on other issues, not good !