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Advice on potential purchase of 2002 Hurricane FunDeck GS 201

rubicon Member Posts: 3
Hello. I am new to the forum but a long time boater. I currently own a 19' Sea Chaser center console with 90 HP 2-S Mercury OB. I rented a Hurricane SunDeck Sport SS218 with a 200HP Yamaha 4-S OB this past summer at Smith Mountain Lake in VA and really fell in love with the design, performance and overall versatility. Had 4 adults and 5 kids aboard but boat had 14 person capacity. Started looking at older Hurricane's as I'd really like to own one but also don't want to spend a ton. That said I'm all about value so I will certainly spend more if it is justified. Wanted your advice on a 2002 FunDeck GS201 with a 150 HP Yamaha 2-S OB. Supposedly one owner with low hours and all freshwater lake use. Are these older designs just as good as the newer hulls and is there anything I should be aware of? Will I regret the 2-stroke versus finding a 4-stroke? I want to be able to take out two small families (say 8-9 people) and I really want a boat that can do it all. Water skiing, tubing, fishing, crabbing, cruising, etc. both river and back bay and the Hurricane's seem to fit the bill versus a bowrider or other. Would I be asking too much of this boat? Wondering if I will be pushing the limits especially given the GS 201 has a 10 person capacity. Thanks in advance for any advice!


  • rubicon
    rubicon Member Posts: 3
    No advice from anyone? Hard to believe as there has to be some owners with a lot of experience here. Does it sound like I’m asking too much from an older GS 201? They seem heavy to start so I’m concerned with maintaining decent performance with a 150 when loaded with fuel and family. Are they horrible in chop as I’ve read posted? The newer SunDeck Sport I rented seemed ok but is that drastically different from the older FunDeck hulls? Thanks. 
  • db525
    db525 Member Posts: 5
    I can't speak to one with an OB, but my 2004 with the 5.0mpi has been a great all around boat.  5-6 adults easy.  The open bow layout really helps seating wise.  They are a bit heavy, but I mainly use mine for cruising and watersports and have had no issues.

    Boat handles chop pretty well for a deckboat.  I did add some self leveling tabs to mine and it helped alot with bow rise getting on plane, and staying on plane at low speed.  
  • sullmate
    sullmate Member Posts: 108 ✭✭
    Sundeck and Fundeck are different styles of boats.
  • RetiredontheRiver
    RetiredontheRiver Member Posts: 2
    This may come too late Rubicon, but I own a 2002 GS 201 with a Merc Optimax 200. We can pull a 200lbs skier with no issues and it does surprising well on fuel consumption. I am sure the 150 would do fine with the right prop, but highly recommend the 200hp.