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2019 SD 187 Bow Ladder replacement question

Pimpantell Member Posts: 1
Hello all. New to Hurricane, this is my 4th boat overall. Bought used about a week ago, noticed the bow ladder was missing so I ordered a new one (just came in today). Have only gotten the boat in the water once (still fairly chilly here), and I was more concerned with checking bilges, controls, yada yada, and did not get a look at the compartment where the ladder goes.

So my question for the group is: Have any of you done this replacement yourself? Off of memory I don't recall of any hatch to access the backside to tighten anything up. Won't be able to get back to boat until tomorrow so I thought I'd see if anyone has tips/tricks or if I'm crazy and should take it to the nearest dealer lol.

EDIT: My apologies I just realized this was "discussions" and not "questions", please forgive a newb

Thanks for the help