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Purchased 235 OB for April delivery, Ocean question

newboatguy Member Posts: 1
I have been trying to ensure that the 235 OB I purchased is the right boat for my family. We will be first time New boat owners. We live on the Maine coast. 80 percent of the time I will be in lakes. However, I would like to comfortably go 2-4 miles off shore to a few islands  (calm days)
Does anyone have experience with the boat in 1-3 foot swells. I am mostly worried about going out on a very calm day and the weather changing and needing to zip back fast.

How does this handle. Does anyone have photos or video of the boat in "rougher" water?

I am not a fisherman, just want to be able to explore coastal areas ocaasionally.
Any and all information is helpful.

cell 615-900-4526


  • duke130
    duke130 Member Posts: 8
    I have SD2486 with 250 VMAX. I was told it could handle ocean but to be wise about it. Good advice. We’ve gone out to ocean and had change in wind, swells, etc., on the way in. No worries. Just throttle accordingly and take your time. Everyone will stay dry and you won’t get pounded. Works for us. We’re in the ocean off of southern New Jersey.