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Nav lights (and a few other random things) not working 2002 FD GS 188

Hello all,

First off my apologies for another tread on this as I have seen a few others but didn't see the resolution so hoping I can get it here. I recently purchased a 2002 FD GS 188, when I picked it up and drove it home the nav lights worked, the next time I got on the boat they did not. I am struggling to find what might be the cause as most things do work.. some don't. 

What works:
all around (bimini light)
courtesy lights
Bilge (both auto and manual)
depth finder

What doesn't work:
Nav lights
tilt trim gauge (I think the sender is just stuck and I move it manually and it changes reading)
Fuel (always reads full)

on other threads I have seen people mention in line fuses and main fuses but I am new to this and don't really understand what all this is. I did check my one fuse just off the batteries (included in pic) and it was in good shape. Are there other located near there that I missed? anything else I should check off the back? I am new to all of this and happy/excited the learn about working on the boat myself so i appreciate any tips/info you can provide! 

happy boating!


  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 475 admin
    Here are some diagrams that my help in troubleshooting the electrical and gauges.  The sending unit is located at the top of the fuel tank may have the float stuck.
  • Henrylk
    Henrylk Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Thurricane! Appreciate the info, gibberish to me but my father in law is a sailor and does all his own work so hopefully he knows what all this means! follow up question on the sending unit - I have seen several pictures/read other posts but am confused for where to find the access port. several of the pics/diagrams note two access covers, one for the fuel/vent lines and a second for the sender. I have the one for the fuel/vent but cant seem to find the second for access to sender. Attached is a pic of my boat, the access just next to the seat is where my fuel/vent line is but I cant seem to find the second access point for the sender.