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Pics of upholstered head/helm-cabin area in older models?

mtk_robmtk_rob USAConfirm Email, Member Posts: 18
I'm re-upholstering the grody interior of the under-helm compartment area on an older model (2005 FD232OB). Does anyone have any good pics of what an original intact upholstered interior (headliner material & etc) looks like? Old photos are fine. I'm just looking for ideas/hints as to how it might have once been put together.


  • DocMcStuffinsDocMcStuffins USAMember Posts: 11
    I’d like to see this too!   Seems like a neglected little area with opportunity to make it much nicer!
  • mtk_robmtk_rob USAConfirm Email, Member Posts: 18
    edited May 8
    OK - Here's what I ended up doing. If you've done better or have pics of an original interior, please consider sharing. I don't even know if the stuff I tore out was original. I assume so.

    I tore out the nasty old fabric and instead used a diamond-pattern vinyl fabric with a foam backing and gorilla spray adhesive. I then built myself new trim out of marine board HDPE anywhere there would otherwise be a raw edge. The plastic parts I reused. I can wipe the whole thing down if necessary.

    For the hatch gasket, which Hurricane no longer makes, I used vapor barrier tape which I had on hand to seal the fabric to the edge of the hatch, and then sandwiched the entire edge inside trim-lok edge grip seal with a side bulb. This seems to be working well, it has been raining for days and its stayed dry in there (a first since I've owned the boat!) I drilled a couple of little holes in the corners of the floor to allow any water that accumulates in the future to make its way to the bilge.

    The back of my instrument panel was exposed to the inside of the cabin when I bought this boat and I have no idea what might have been there originally.  I'm guessing maybe there was a plastic rear cover of some sort.

    What I did was to make myself a custom panel out of corrugated plastic signboard and cover it with the same vinyl. It's held in place with a stainless steel strap screwed into the top plastic ceiling cover and supported by HDPE trim below.

    The light, which was corroded out, is also no longer made. I replaced it with this one from ITC. It was really hard to find but I found one here. It fit in the hole but didn't have the same drill pattern as the old one.

    If I have to redo it again in a few years for whatever reason, I'll probably just go with some marine plywood and bondo, and sculpt myself a room that can be gel coated. I think it's strange this area was upholstered like a car in the first place, should have always been a wipeable surface.

    For those going the vinyl or other headliner material route, I suggest NOT using a patterned material. That made it harder.

    Here's some "before" photos.

  • DocMcStuffinsDocMcStuffins USAMember Posts: 11
    VERY NICE!!!!  Ours is being redone right now.  I can't actually see what the purpose of this little space is though- changing room for tiny people???   Mine is so nasty that I didn't even try squeezing in there.  
  • mtk_robmtk_rob USAConfirm Email, Member Posts: 18
    I have little kids so I'm going to put a porta potty in there in case of emergencies. It's also lockable, so I suppose you could store stuff.
  • DocMcStuffinsDocMcStuffins USAMember Posts: 11
    edited May 11
    Same!  Which porta potty you going to get/have?
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