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Today's game of "What is this thing?" Some kind of drain plug?

mtk_rob Confirm Email, Member Posts: 32
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What is this thing behind/under the aft bench seating in my gs232? It looks like maybe it should be a drain, I'd LIKE it to be a drain because water accumulates there, indeed if it is not a drain I am thinking about drilling a hole in it.

There's a hard plastic ring and a metal bottom which doesn't seem to have any outlet when I feel around in there. I can feel that's it's metal and rap it with the tip of a screwdriver.

It's almost like a drain was supposed to go there but somebody put some sort of spacer in the hole instead?


  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 492 admin
    This is on the deck of the boat in the seat compartment?  or just forward the seat on the floor.  That does not look like a standard drain fitting.  Typically, the deck would have these recessed deck drains to allow any water on the deck to drain into the bilge.   It looks like you could pop a small hole in there to drain if the water will make it into that location.
  • mtk_rob
    mtk_rob Confirm Email, Member Posts: 32
    edited May 2022
    This is on the seat compartment (under the seat), aft port side.  There is an actual drain on the starboard side at the same height/opposite corner. It's seated in the channel that runs water behind the seats, and as you can see from the curvature of the seat around it, either it, or something similarly shaped is supposed to be there.

    Do you know who makes the hardware for those smaller drains? I could replace that one with a real drain. Also this model probably should have had a seat-level drain on the step fore of the sink on the port side, water pools there too and could be routed out the sink scupper.
  • mtk_rob
    mtk_rob Confirm Email, Member Posts: 32
    edited June 2022
    Well I gave this thing a good thwack with a hammer and screwdriver, suspecting maybe it was a drain with a seized up scupper, and it popped right down into the hull. So I guess I won't know for sure what it was until it makes it eventually makes it to the bilge. Boat is afloat now, so it's harder to go digging around in dark corners. In the interim, I've a nice 1" hole that will at least prevent standing water from accumulating in the channel that runs behind the aft port seating. O.o