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2014 211Sport Relay Location

I have power to engine and gages, but no power to control panel. Everything replaced or new on battery end. I read where some said to check relay, but I cannot locate it. Any photo or diagram available?


  • vburkett64vburkett64 USAMember Posts: 4
    Not sure if this is final solution, BUT look inside center console, remove hatch cover 4 screws and check corrosion at wire connectors.
  • vburkett64vburkett64 USAMember Posts: 4
    Close up of connection above. 
    Long story-
    Background: I was experiencing sporadic electrical problems; radio off and on, GPS going off in rough waters…. I changed fuses, cleaned or replaced connections, anything I could think of or Google. Read this forum and saw to check relays. I could not find any relays. I consulted with a friend who is an expert with boats, then finally took it to him. We started pulling the control panel then access panels. We found this factory connection down below the center console, accessed through the “toilet”.  Our best guess is that some prior owner was experiencing the same issues. BUT instead of finding the root of the problem, they cut out the relays and “straight wired” under the console to switches. We repaired the connection above, added back the relays, and now everything works. I have learned a lot about boat wiring through this adventure 
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