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Replace seat cushion

I lost a seat cushion and need a replacement.
GS211 FunDeck & sky.


  • thurricane
    thurricane Administrator Posts: 522 admin
    The plant is able to go to 2016.  What year of boat do you have?  If older than 2016 you would want to reach out to an upholstery shop to pattern.

  • charly30
    charly30 Member Posts: 3
    You should try SNAILAX Cooling Car Seat Cushion. I think this is the best one I have tried. The holes are under you and not just out in the open where all your air just escapes. At first, I thought it was too small, but the way the fan rides on the front of the seat prevents it from having a pinch point blocking airflow. The bottom straps are supposed to be tucked into fairyland.
    They should just use long straps that buckle in the back. Someone should make one of these with a bigger fan. All of these seat fans have a puny fan motor and if you're not sweaty(even a little will do), you can't tell it is on. If you are sweaty, it really helps, especially if you have vinyl seats.

  • Derrecc
    Derrecc Member Posts: 1
    Hello! I have my own spa and often my clients get pedicures at my place and to improve their experience I decided to change the equipment, I decided to change the pedicure chairs. I have been looking for a store for a long time and recently found it here. Really great new addition to my salon!
  • jpow86
    jpow86 Member Posts: 1
    I need the rear cushion on my 2016 SS188.  Can I order all new seats for it?