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2001 SD 237 Starter identification, issues, replacement and Service Manual

After a 2 yr hiatus, I'm preparing/renewing my boat. After replacing spark plugs and fluids, I was pleasantly surprised when it cranked right up. Days later, it only makes one attempt and stops trying to crank. The next day, it will do the "1 and done" again. Ideas? (Battery is new).

I have the Mercruiser model 5.7L EFI 260HP engine (SN 0L791597) but the manual does not specify Alpha or Bravo. I am working to replace the starter and solenoids anyway but accessing and removing the starter is problematic. Working from Mercruiser manual #31, the starter resembles the Delco PG260F1 (top page 4A-2) and the 13mm bolts face down toward the floor. Various replacement starters indicate "part ID numbers" 9000821 and 6562.

With a mirror and lights, I can get my socket wrench barely on the bolts but I do not have the strength and arm length to make them budge (in the narrow/restricted "work" area). Any ideas or are special tools available to make removing them easier. Alternatively, have others found the need to remove exhaust manifolds (?) to get easier access?

Presumably, with a single crank, the 90AMP fuse on the starter solenoid is good (is a bad one readily visible other than being "dead"?). Given the difficult location, can someone point out the location of the "circuit breaker" (p. 4A-4) and starter slave solenoid? There apparently is supposed to be a black wire from the "engine ground" to the slave but mine did not have one.

Finally, when last running. at full RPMs the injectors were misfiring but at a consistent timing. The manager of a big local boat repair marina said he and a coworker thought it was a safety feature, but it had never done this in the past. Talking to various repair shops, they indicate anything from points/plugs/wires, to bad injectors to a bad control panel. Apparently, their "fix" was to start replacing components until it was fixed, presumably at great cost. Anyone experienced this issue? Thanks.