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Trying To Empty Fuel Tank But Ran Into a Snag

BoatGuy3450 Member Posts: 4
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My engine seized a number of months ago, and I am trying to to get the gasoline out of the 52 gallon tank on my 1998 Hurricane Fun Deck 201. 

I tried pushing a rigid tube down the fuel fill port, and got maybe 5 feet, but for the life of me could not get it further.  Is there some kind of "grill" where the fuel fill hose meets the fuel tank?

So then I tried siphoning from the fuel line that goes to the engine.  I should have almost a full tank but I was only able to siphon 13 gallons out through the fuel line that goes to the engine.  I learned that someone had previously drilled out the antisiphon valve that sits on top the fuel tank pickup head so siphoning wasn't a problem until this:

I am suddenly no longer able to get any fuel out of the fuel line.  I squeezed the primer bulb many many times and I cannot get any fuel out.  I can blow compressed air into the fuel line and the air freely goes into the fuel tank and out the fuel fill port without restriction, but the opposite is not true:  I blew compressed air into the fuel fill port with a rag around the blowgun, expecting fuel to stream out of the fuel line, but that, surprisingly, did not happen at all, not even a little bit.  In fact, the fuel tank held my air - When I removed the rag, the excess stored air came out of the fuel tank. 

So, I do not believe I have a debris restriction in the fuel line.  The only thing that I can conceive is:
1. I have way less fuel in the fuel tank than I thought, and 
2. There is some kind of float-controlled check valve on the fuel pickup stem itself that is shutting off the fuel line when the fuel level in the tank gets very low.  Is this possible?  I never heard of such a thing.

I don't want to have to pull the fuel pickup head off the tank. 

Thank you for any input.  I appreciate it.  

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