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2002 228R Electrical Confusion

Hello, hopefully I can get some help here. Recently received a 228R from a family member. Needs some love, but most things worked on water.

I do have a perko dual switch for two battery setup.  As I'm testing and repairing, more issues seem to be popping up.

Issue #1- Had Bilge rocker light always on and found Bilge pump cracked. I replaced and wired up. Light went out, but pump runs with neg- hooked up to battery and perko switched to "all".  Does have float switch that doesn't seem to run pump when I lift up float. Was wired for automatic response, so I wired same.

Issue #2- Fuel gauge pegged past full all the time. Guess its been like that for a while. I tested sender & gauge out of boat with jumper wires and they work and ohm test within range. Thought a ground issue. Cleaned connections and ground to screw on mounting flange of tank. Seemed to work when I turned ignition key to on position and needle isn't stuck full all the time.

Issue #3- Cousin broke bimini navigation light. Got a new lens and bulb. Tonight i put back together. Now i have 3 way rocker switch light always on and no interior lights or navigation light.  And depth finder dash light illuminated when everything is off, even when perko switched off.

I'm going in wrong direction here and chasing issues. Suggestions?