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pop up assembly

ericbadorrek Member Posts: 10
when I bought my boat the railing was damaged from engine being put in.  they replaced it and in doing so had to reinstall my popup.  Needless to say when I got it back it did not fit right and had other issues.  When I took it back to them it looks like they installed another bracket on the pop up and moved the strut over.  Shortly after this the boat sunk so I never used it enough to find out if it worked.  The struts got rusted out from sinking and insurance company missed it so I am trying to replace.  If you look at the bracket installed on the railing it is in the corner.  When I go to install the arm it wants to go out the side.  I assume when they installed new railing they put the bracket in the wrong location.  Can anyone tell me where this bracket needs to be installed as I have spent too much time trying to resolve.  Thanks.