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Hurricane Configurations

CormorantLaker Member Posts: 2
First time poster.  Recently my 2003 196 FunDeck was totaled in a storm when a weld broke on my boatlift and my boat came off and smashed into the rocks on the shore.  It especially hurts because I just had the seats reupholstered 2 weeks ago and planned on keeping it for at least another decade or so.  I purchased it new in 2004 as a dealership holdover, and have babied it and my entire family loves that boat.

I'm not sure if I can buy my boat back as part of the insurance settlement or not, but I'm thinking I would if I can get it cheap.  I'd like to sell the new seating and the 115 Yamaha.  Would anyone here be interested?

I'm most likely going to get another Hurricane, and I really like the layout of the SunDeck Sport 201.  Most of the other models have a sink on the port side, and I like having that long bench there.  Is it true that the layout of the SunDeck 201 Sport changed in 2014?  I also like the way the seat backs can be raised.  Are there other models that do this too?