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Should I upgrade to 150 or 175 yamaha

stmad2000 Member Posts: 7
I have a 2013 Hurricane Sundeck Sport 188 ob with 115 yamaha 4 stroke with 13 1/4 by 15 prop. It takes forever to get on plane with  6 adults not even pulling tubes. Will  a 150 be enough or no i need 175. I dont need to go 40 mph. Happy with 30-35 as long as i can pull tube and plane with 6-8 adults.


  • ChiknNutz
    ChiknNutz Member Posts: 45
    As a point of comparison, my Fundeck 226 with Yamaha 150 will do 40 with 8 adults and has no problem getting up on plane. I also pull tubes and have slalom skied. Occupancy varies from 4-8 and have no problems even when fully loaded. I think it can technically hold 11 occupants but have never had it that full and it would be really tight so try to keep it to 8 max.
    2018 FD226F w/150 Yamaha & 2021 MagicTilt TCA2460W trailer