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Ski Pole/Poor Design

Lbrown1987 Member Posts: 1
Need help!!!!! I have 2005 Fun Deck 196r that the back ski pole pulled from the fiberglass and broke welds on the fence. Do any of you know where I can buy new fence parts? I would also like to beef up the ski bar or replace it with something different. 


  • Kfitz
    Kfitz Member Posts: 2
    We just sold our 2005 FunDeck 196R!  We had the same issue.  We ripped out the ski pole, had it repaired at an auto body shop, and then ripped it out again.  The pole was never intended to pull tubes.  The solution is to use a Y-harness and hook it to the two bolts on the rear of the boat.  We also used an inflatable orb to reduce rope spray.  We also used this set up for skiing, but didn't use the orb.  It's not a perfect solution, but I researched, and was never able to come up with anything better.  Good luck.