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Seat for 1996 FD226R

I have a 1996 Hurricane FD226R  (22ft, flat bottom).  I am looking for the removable L shape seat that got blowen out of my boat.  If anyone has one for sell or has information as to were I might have one made,  I would appreciate any information.
Thank you


  • callforbids
    callforbids Member Posts: 60 ✭✭
    A company in New Paris, Indiana called Veada, Inc. ([link=][/link]) makes a lot of the seating for Godfrey and Hurricane. They were the suppliers on both my 2005 Sweetwater pontoon and my 2008 Sun Deck. You can contact their customer service department and by sending them a digital picture of the what you are looking for they will in return send you several samples, one of which hopefully will match your vinyl. Then pick the seating you need from their web site and they most likely can make you what you need.
    Keep in mind that there probably was some aging and fading on a 1996 vinyl, so even picking the correct vinyl color will not match 100%.
    Good luck.