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1993 Sundeck 176 O/B engine size + fuel sending unit.

BrianVT16 Confirm Email, Member Posts: 1
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Hello. Thanks for having me.

I'd like to buy a new fuel sending unit before I dig in and remove the existing one from the tank.
Might you have a part # for me?

Also, this is my 1st boat. I've probably got 40 hours use on it. It's got a 70hp 2-stroke that seems to run great.
But it won't get the boat on a plane with more than 2 people aboard, never mind tow anything. I realize this hull can take up to 140hp but I'm surprised at how hard this 70hp has to work to push this hull.
Assuming this engine is working properly, should I invest in Smart Tabs? Might my hull be waterlogged? (all cavities and carpets are dry) Or would I need to invest in a 140hp?