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2010 SD201 bilge not working

ABTB_Dave Confirm Email, Member Posts: 3
Hello everyone, I've had this boat for the past 7 years and it has had no issues until this past weekend when the bilge pump stopped working. When I turn the rocker switch on the panel the red light comes on, but no water comes out and no humming that I usually hear when there isn't much water to pump. The circuit breaker just below the stereo is not popped out so I'm wondering if there is an inline fuse somewhere. I'm betting that some junk got in the bilge pump after all these years and either burned out the pump or blew a fuse somewhere. There are two marine-sealed fuses back by the battery but both of those were fine. I do know that my boat has a float switch also but no water pumped out when I pulled the boat out up the ramp last weekend. So my question is, is there a different inline fuse somewhere that I am missing? Wiring diagram would be great if someone has one to send. Thanks in advance for any help!
HID: GDYN5518B010


  • ABTB_Dave
    ABTB_Dave Confirm Email, Member Posts: 3
    While I was waiting for a response from The Forum, I decided to get out my multimeter and check all the connections. Interestingly when I first removed the switch panel with the master and bilge switches already on, the bilge decided to turn on. Therefore, I thought I had a loose connection behind the switch panel. After water finish pumping out I turned the switches off, checked and cleaned all the terminals, and screwed the panel back on. Then when I turned on the master and bilge it didn't come on again!🙄.
    I left the master pwr switch on and the bilge switch on and went to the back and reached down where the bilge pump was and turned it to the left to remove the cartridge from the casing. After bumping it, the bilge turned on again. Since I didn't touch any wires up by the switch panel as it was already reassembled to the dash, I can only assume that there is a dead spot in the motor of the cartridge as it pumps fully well once I knock it around or get it going. Anyway, I found a new cartridge on amzn for 28 bucks. For now, the pump works when I throw the switch. Go figure......🙄