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overreved Member Posts: 1
So, I called down to our marina and asked to have our boat put in the water.  They always ak to fill it up and I was down below a quarter so yes please fill it up.  I got there and was making a few trips back and forth from the car and asked one of the young men, "hey how much fuel did she take"?  He looked it up and said 9.4 gallons...I yelled back to him, "cant be should have been 35-40 gallons...he shrugged his shoulders and kept walking.  When I got on the boat, I turned on ignition and it was still below a quarter...then it hit me.  I jumped off and opened the water fill and the gas was all the way to top in the line itself, which I guess is quite far from the actual tank.  They have rinsed it a few times but the fumes still exist...on the boat and when you take the cap off.  Some research I've done show that the tank has to be be replaced...there is no cleaning it.  Any suggestions?   Am I missing something here?  I'm told the tanks cant be replaced.  That it has to go back to the factory to have that done.  Do they really have to take the whole top mold off?  Its a 2013 Hurricane 2200-SD.  The fuel was on the boat for at least 3 hours bobbing up and down so I'm sure everything having to do with the fresh water system has been compromised.  Any direction out there for me?