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Floor and Compartment Drains on 2018 SS192

Hey Hurricane folks.  We bought a used 2018 Hurricane SS192.  I don't understand the floor and storage compartment drain systems.  The drains on our starboard side seem to drain the water fairly quickly.  But, the drains on the port side don't, they're very slow and take forever to get rid of the water.  I tried shooting some water down them with a garden hose to see if I could loosen anything up, but it didn't seem to help.  Does anyone understand this system or have diagrams on how they work?  And, perhaps this is related, but I'm unsure: when I run the bilge, water comes out of the starboard side, but nothing comes out of the port side hole on the outside of the boat.  That hole is kinda gunked up with barnacles that I've tried to scrape off, but I haven't figured out a way to tell if it is being restricted or not opening up properly.  Thanks for any help you can offer!!