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Beeping non/stop after siphoned out old gas - Help Please

fsmithjack2200 Confirm Email, Member Posts: 5
Boat is check engine beeping non stop right after I Siphoned out old gas. It beeps non stop even without engine running. Just turn key into AC spot and it beeps without engine running?

here is the background. Please any advice please. I’m stuck and super frustrated!

2014 Hurricane SunDeck 2200 Boat with Yamaha F200XB Outboard engine that my wife and I just recently bought used with 130 hours a few weeks ago.

Bought from a small Marina on consignment way up 1/2 North of Bangor Maine. We drove up about 5 hours north of Boston to look at it and struck a deal.

We have young children 3,12 and my wife and I told the Marina whatever it needs please go right through it from top to bottom. I will pay for any repairs or maintenance it might need but just want it safe for my family and good to go out on the ocean. They charged me $630 for inspection, to replace one of the batteries and some other incidental items.

We assumed we were good. We went out on ocean the other day and it starts fine and Idles good and runs fine going down the river in no wake zone it was fine but under a load when we tried to get the boat up to plane it just wasn’t running right. I’ve been around boats (on lakes) my entire life and it felt like bad gas.

We called the dealer and he called the previous owner and the gas is about a year and a half old.

That’s too old with all the ethanol they use today.

I decided to go right at the problem. I was able to siphon out about 45 gallons in 5 gallon tanks. Took me all day. I removed the line from the water / fuel separator and attached a temp line to it and ran it out the drain plug hole in the transoms down into 5 gallon tanks. It’s a holiday weekend and we just got the boat so wife and kids wanted to get out on water. Had no way of buying new filters. I tried so then I siphoned out 45 gallons and then took out and removed the water / fuel separator and emptied into clear vase was all cloudy and pretty crappy. I used fresh gas and rinsed it out a couple times until gas came out looking ok and filled with fresh gas and put back.

i thought I should be good so put everything back together hooked hose up to lower end and it started and ran great but then started beeping and beeping. There is a solid beep and an intermittent beep. So two separate beeps and it sounds awful. I read could be oil pressure, over heating, water in fuel filter so took off and emptied fuel filter and it filed 1/2 way with fresh gas and it started right up and runs great but it’s just beeping and beeping.

Now here is the thing. It doesn’t need to be running for the beeping. The beeping starts and is there when just turning the key forward once in AC position. So I thought it can’t be oil pressure or water in gas or anything if motor Isn’t even running.

Needless to say we didn’t get out on the water and my wife is super frustrated and I have no idea other then waiting weeks for dealer appointment to look at it?

Anyone know anything about this beeping. Someone said it just needs computer reset to YouTube it but I could not find anything?

Other then appointment with dealer which I already did anyone have any idea?

thanks 🙏