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Connecting new nav light

Hi. I have a 2010 Fundeck 226F. Wanting to replace the pole nav light with a LED flush mount. Currently there are three wires from the boat/switch going into a connection socket which then connect to three wires going to the pole socket. On the boat side are red, black, and gray with green stripe. On the light side are gray, black, and white. The order listed is how they connect; ie, red connects to gray. The new light just has red and black. Any idea which of the three boat wires I would connect to the two on the light? What do I do with the third?


  • mtk_rob
    mtk_rob Confirm Email, Member Posts: 32
    I'm not following. It may help if you post some pics. Typically this switch is a three position toggle with nav/anchor/off and you're going to have a lot more than three wires back there like the diagram below.

    A regular on/off toggle (sounds like what you are describing) will have three wires attached, a negative power in coming from the circuit breaker/fuse for the thing/accessory being powered, a positive power in, which is typically daisy chained across all of the switches in the panel, and then a negative power out to the thing/accessory.  the accessory will have its own positive (black) connector back to the battery.

    If the wiring isn't actually broken, could also just buy yourself a new seadog plug and wire your new nav light into that: